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Bamboo Mattresses: Revolutionary Benefits from an Ancient Material

Dozens of mattresses are on the market these days. When the time comes to replace your old one, shopping for a new one can be as complicated as trying to find the right cold medicine. From traditional spring-based support to high-end digital adjustability, there’s a model out there for just about everyone. While comfort, quality, and durability continue to be important features, a new one has entered the mix over the last few years: sustainability.

New Benefits from an Ancient Material

Bamboo mattresses have been developed to help fill the growing environmentally friendly niche, and they offer plenty of benefits in their own right. Those who’ve already jumped on the bamboo bandwagon can’t stop talking about just how comfortable they are. Aside from that aspect, certain other advantages can come from sleeping on fabric made from this unique plant.

  • Allergy-Friendly. Allergies are on the rise lately. Pollen, dust, mold, mildew, and other allergens are known to bring about stuffiness, snoring, headaches, sore throats, asthma attacks, and numerous additional issues, all of which do little to foster a good night’s sleep. As a result, people wake up feeling tired, irritable, stressed, and achy. Bamboo contains anti-fungal and antibacterial qualities and naturally repels certain allergens, so mattresses made from this woody grass can be helpful for allergy sufferers.
  • Temperature Regulation. Traditional mattresses are notorious for radiating warmth because they draw body heat and reflect it back at you. Bamboo mattresses are designed to help regulate body temperature by offering greater breathability than other types. They provide maximum airflow, directing body heat away from you and distributing cool air where it’s needed. During those colder months, they give the warm air a chance to circulate as well so you’re always comfortable.
  • Spinal Support. Bamboo mattresses with memory foam promote proper sleeping posture by helping keep your spine aligned. They go a long way toward thwarting the common aches and pains generated by less-accommodating mattresses, giving you a chance to wake up feeling rested and refreshed.

Getting a good night’s sleep isn’t easy, and all the problems of conventional mattresses only compound the problem. As a natural and sustainable material, bamboo is an environmentally friendly alternative to the norm. Aside from this increasingly important factor, bamboo helps keep you cool, wards off allergens, and encourages spinal alignment. If you’d like to learn more about the numerous mattress options now available, browse here for further details.